Saturday, August 16, 2008

Alaska Food Cache Nightlight $40

Food cache's are commone in rural areas of Alaska. The food cache is a small building on long log legs, so that it is high up in the air. It’s original use was for food storage. Keeping food up away from living areas like tents and cabins helped keep wild animals like bears, wolverines, and squirells from stealing food. A long wooden ladder usually lies on the ground next to it, when the cache isn’t being used. It usually had a small door as the only way in. They are usually located within 100 feet of the owners living area.

Alaska Food Cache Night Light

Food Cache's are a symbol of Alaska.

They are a favorite subject for Artists trying to capture the spirit of Alaska.

Mine are special because they light up!

My Dad is helping me with this project because I wanted to earn some money. All of the materials we used we have gathered from the woods around our house. We purchased the light bulb and socket from the hardware store. My Dad gave me a business loan, and helped me build this. Now I have to pay back my business loan. You can help me learn about business by buying one of my night lights.

Kids like me will love them!